About the Foundation

Marty was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004 and survived after a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgeries, and six months of intense chemotherapy. In 2007, she was diagnosed with one of the rarest types of cancers, uterine leiomyosarcoma. Since recurrence in 2010, she has fiercely battled the incurable disease through numerous cycles of chemotherapy, radiation and surgeries. Her God, her incredible medical team, and her family and friends have enabled her to survive well beyond the normal five-year survival rate.

Her surgeons’ 2013 prognosis motivated her husband Jeff, their daughter Jessica, and special friends to establish the Marty Lindley Foundation. As an amazing surprise to Marty, on September 1, 2013, over 350 friends and family members gathered at the historic Brauntex Theatre in downtown New Braunfels to celebrate the launching of the Foundation. The Foundation applied for and received approval from the IRS as a 501 C(3) non-profit, charitable corporation and operates as The Marty Lindley Foundation, Inc.

The March 6th, 2014 “Music…Medicine for the Heart & Soul” event was the Foundation’s first major, annual fundraising event and featured six-time Grammy Winner and recording star, Amy Grant. The event was an incredible success, with all event proceeds (over $62,000) being donated to the four beneficiaries.

Mission Statement of the Foundation:

To honor God, the Marty Lindley Foundation encourages the support of the New Braunfels area medical community, the research to develop a cure for leiomyosarcoma cancer, and the women and children of Comal county.

Purpose of the Foundation:

The Marty Lindley Foundation will primarily support the New Braunfels Volunteers In Medicine Clinic, the Adult Sarcoma Research Center at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, and the New Braunfels Kids Club. The foundation may also seek to inform sarcoma patients of the importance of receiving medical treatment at a cancer center specializing in sarcoma cancer. Additionally, the foundation may contribute to other non-profit organizations with a focus on health and wellness and the betterment of life for women and children.

  • Funds donated to the New Braunfels Volunteers In Medicine Clinic, through The Marty Lindley Foundation, will be designated for providing medical care to children and adults who cannot otherwise afford health care.
  • Funds donated to the Adult Sarcoma Cancer Research Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center, through the Marty Lindley Foundation, will be designated for developing a cure for leiomyosarcoma cancer.
  • Funds donated to the New Braunfels Kids Club, through the Marty Lindley Foundation, will be designated for providing support to the women and children of Comal County.
Board of Directors:

Members of the board of directors were selected in consideration of their integrity, community involvement, and leadership skills. Special attention was given to their ability to recognize a valid need, develop and implement a wise solution, while working in unity, with respect for one another. Each board member is a trust worthy individual, willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the project with integrity and excellence. Always willing to give their utmost to honor God.

Jeff Lindley, Chair
Wayne Vrba, Vice Chair
Cheryl Fisher, Recording Secretary
Alane Cameron
Dale Martin
Mike Poston
Carol Johnson
Anna Lee Hicks
Marty Lindley
Cindy Hatcher
Rhee Habeeb
Judy Hoffmann

Advisory Board:

Members of the Advisory Board were selected in consideration of their integrity and leadership skills. These individuals provide wisdom, guidance, discernment, experienced business advice and professional expertise to our Board of Directors.

Harold Callicoat
Cathy Fresch
Jessica Lindley
Steve Peace
Allie Sisoian