Marty Continues to Touch Lives!

We recently met with Janae Fuller, the director at Kids Club here in New Braunfels and, of course, one of the foundation’s beneficiaries. After noticing her usual long hair was cut very short, she then told her story of cutting her hair and donating it, in Marty’s name, to Children With Hair Loss.

I am humored as I think of my short hair, matching my short stature. One time at McKenna as we were all posing for a picture for a check presentation to Kids Club from MLF, I commented as I stood in the midst of all the others who were SO much taller than I, “My goodness I’m so short!” 


Marty’s comment: “Janae, are you just now figuring that out?”


All of our laughter was captured in the photo snapshot—I think it was the one used for the paper.


Remembering her warms my heart, but I can only just briefly pause because remembering her also motivates me to “get moving and do something to make a difference!”

We wanted to share this with our Foundation Family…how wonderful it is Marty continues to touch lives!
For Marty

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