MLF joins the NBACF

2013-12-16 08.46.34

In mid December of 2013, The Marty Lindley Foundation joined the New Braunfels Area Community Foundation. After several months of research and discussions with Brit King, President and CEO of the NBACF, the MLF Board voted unanimously to join. Jeff Lindley, MLF Chair, said, “As a newly established foundation, the MLF made application to become a 501 C 3 non-profit, charitable organization. Since June, our many supporters have donated over $65,000. Their decision to entrust their monies to us has reminded us that “to whom much is given, much is expected.” The Foundation is a great responsibility. The NBACF offers the MLF a unique opportunity to expose our foundation to a whole other realm of potential philanthropist/donors. The Board understands the NBACF also helps perpetuate the Mission and Purpose of the MLF, by assuring future monies will be available to donate to our perpetual non-profits, the New Braunfels Volunteers In Medicine Clinic and the Adult Sarcoma Research Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center.”

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