MLF Visits and Donates to the Sarcoma Lab at MD Anderson

lab visit

In mid-December, Marty and Jeff visited the Adult Sarcoma Research Center at MD Anderson Cancer Center and donated $10,000 from the Marty Lindley Foundation. Dr. Torres presented a summary of the ASRC Team’s goals and plans-methodology for goal achievement.
lab visit 2  lab visit 3  lab visit 4
Marty said, “Meeting members of the international team, hearing the presentation and touring the lab, encouraged us that eventually a cure for sarcoma cancer will be found. It was exciting to learn that leiomyosarcoma is one of two sarcomas that are the current focus of the research center. I hope they find a cure soon… real soon”

Per Dr. Torres:

“Dear Marty and Jeff, On behalf of our lab members, I would like to thank you for coming to our laboratory and spending your time with us. We hope that with our work we will gain a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate the pathogenesis of sarcoma tumors, with  the intent to develop improved therapeutic approaches for the treatment of this disease that will result in better outcomes. Such translational research is crucial in advancing the standard of care for sarcoma patients.

We are very grateful for your support. We will see you in February at the medical symposium in New Braunfels!

Warm Regards,
Keila E. Torres, MD, PhD”



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