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Members of the board of directors were selected in consideration of their integrity, community involvement, and leadership skills. Special attention was given to their ability to recognize a valid need, develop and implement a wise solution, while working in unity, with respect for one another. Each board member is a trustworthy individual, willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish the project with integrity and excellence. Always willing to give their utmost to honor God.
Jeff Lindley - Chair
Wayne Vrba, Vice Chair
Cheryl Fisher, Secretary
Alane Cameron
Anna Lee Hicks
Brently Free
Cindy Hatcher
Rhee Habeeb
Judy Hoffmann
Megg F. Lindley


Members of the Advisory Board were selected in consideration of their integrity and leadership skills. These individuals provide wisdom, guidance, discernment, experienced business advice and professional expertise to our Board of Directors.
Cathy Fresch
Jessica Lindley
Steve Peace
Brit King